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READ ME! Practical experience & participatory design

READ ME! Practical experience & participatory design

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Dear SCORE Trainees,

Thank you for being active participants of the Learn SCORE training platform and ambassadors of SCORE methodology in Liberia. As you know, Liberia is the champion of SCORE in Africa, being the first country to adapt and implement SCORE on the continent in 2016 . In fact, Liberia along with Ukraine are our two strongest success cases. More recently, we have started designing SCORE in South Sudan, Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe as well. But, Liberia will always be the apple of our eye.

Have you seen our new shiny Facebook group? 
We created this group is only for you and to improve interactive exchange and discussion. 

We would like to introduce you to this Facebook group and the new supporting project we are embarking upon to support the SCORE trainees. Over the next few months, this Facebook group will be used to guide our discussion and activities towards designing two new SCORE indicators "Employability" and "Financial Literacy". We will discuss the meaning of these two indicators, their relevant components, influencing factors and importance in the context of Liberia. Just as Liberia is the champion of SCORE in Africa, with your help, Liberia will also be the champion for the design of these two new indicators for the first time.

This is part of the exciting new learning and design process that we are embarking upon. We are starting a new project in partnership with the Embassy of Ireland in Liberia and Liberia Peacebuilding Office to support SCORE trainees and create opportunities to put your theoretical SCORE knowledge into practice. 


As SCORE trainees and experts in the context of Liberia, we need your insights and knowledge to make the indicators come to life. Your unique perspective and insights will enrich the indicators and help us understand what drives and undermines the employability and financial literacy. These two indicators are critical for economic development, prosperity and social cohesion. And, we cannot design effective and contextual ways of measuring them without your help. Plus, the core strength of SCORE methodology is built participatory principles that value local expertise and knowledge.

What's next?

We will be engaging in multiple online discussions via questions and assignments, and together, we will conceptualise these new indicators, design new metrics to measure and test them via a pilot study. This process will not only produce two new indicators for SCORE, but also provide you with the practical hands on calibration experience. You will have a chance to put the theory you learned from the first three SCORE lessons into practice and prepare for the upcoming lessons.

To make sure we can collaborate most effectively and substantially, please make sure you complete the introductory lesson under Module 1 and the two theoretical lessons under Module 2. These will give you a better understanding about the SCORE methodology, especially on how human capabilities and security are connected to a cohesive and sustainable society. These two new indicators will help us understand, measure and to fight employment challenges in Liberia based on strong and contextual evidence.

What do we need?

- Share your contextual knowledge as a Liberian peacebuilder, activist and civil servant

- Be engaged and participate in the online discussion, or start your own discussion topics on the Facebook page or on the Learn SCORE platform

- Complete the practical assignments online and submit your work in a timely manner

- Collaborate and support other participants, or ask for help and advice from us whenever you need

- Tell us your data analysis needs: Do you have any hypothesis that you want to check or validate? Do you need a piece of evidence or data that can help you do your work more effectively or create greater impact? 

Looking forward to getting to know all of you better and working with you closer,

Your Course Instructors

Ilke Dagli & Amie Schreeder


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