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Our questions to you...

Our questions to you...

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Dear Participants,

Join the discussion by answering our questions about the labor market in Liberia and the skills required to cope with societal challenges. Your knowledge will help us to design two new indicators "Employability" and "Financial Literacy". Through these two indicators SCORE will be able to identify which skills, characteristics and external factors enable someone in your country to be competitive on the job market and resilient to risks of unemployment, corruption, and poverty.

Take this opportunity to be a part of the SCORE indicator design phase so we can make our findings even more meaningful and implementable for partners and practitioners in Liberia!

You can submit your answers by clicking on the title "Interview Questions - Employability and Financial Literacy" of the assignment on the SCORE Learning Platform (Module 2 Lesson 2), email them to or post them on our Facebook group.

Thank you for contributing to the participatory indicator design of SCORE Liberia! 

Feel free to share the questions with friends, family, and colleagues so we can strengthen the contextual meaning of the new SCORE indicators.