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Launch "Assignment 1: Employability" !

Launch "Assignment 1: Employability" !

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Dear SCORE participants,

A new assignment (Assignment 1: Employability) has been uploaded under Module 2 Lesson 2 in the form of a quiz!

This assignment is designed to serve two purposes:
1. It will compliment Module 2 Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 on life skills and human capabilities;
2. It will provide input for the design of two new indicators for Liberia: Employability and Financial Literacy
3. It will help you see how different information such this quiz, is incorporated into design and calibration of SCORE indicators.

The questions will help us understand the drivers and challenges of the Liberian job market, by unpacking different obstacles, opportunities and skills related to employability and economic security. Together we can enhance SCORE Liberia's precise assessment capacity towards informing policy and programming that can effectively stimulate economic growth and fight unemployment and poverty.

Go to the assignment or click on the link below to share your thoughts through the quiz!